The retail space is evermore challenging. How your brand looks, speaks and behaves in-store is paramount.




Product Branding

How a brand behaves on product or pack is just one facet of the brand experience. In the increasingly competitive buyer market it's critical to ensure product branding is as stand out as it can be. Discover how we supported The Authentic Food Company, UDIs and Rosewood Pet Products achieve that valuable retail shelf space.


Product Strategy

Research potential audience buying behaviours and needs to unlock product opportunity: new ranges, brand stretch or supporting the complete customer journey.


New Product Development

You may have a great brand, but are in need of an injection of creative concepts into what you have. Find out how we supported NPD initiatives for Rosewood Pet Products, FieldCandy and Durex.

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Packaging Design

A great product needs great packaging to help it stand out. We'll work alongside you to define the competitive landscape, understand the customer base and support your brand experience on pack. We'll also manage reproduction and testing to ensure the end result is perfect.

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3D Visualisation

Bringing product and packaging to life through 3D visualisation can support a tangible presentation for buyer needs and customer understanding. Find out how we delivered a great experience in NPD for GC Aesthetics.


Point of Sale

Design for store branding needs to be flexible and stand-out. From intelligent ways to brand footwear on shelf, to tactical promotions and wayfinding in-store, we'll maximise stand-out for consistent brand impact.


Event Marketing

Engaging your audience on a personal, face-to-face level using event-based marketing can add traction to wider activity across both social media and PR. Our service provision includes campaign activity, product launches, event management and measurement.