Udi's Gluten-Free

Launching US-Centric brand Udi's to the UK market.

As a hugely successful gluten-free brand in America, Udi's (owned by Boulder Brands) looked to Truth to create a brand campaign for its UK launch.

Gluten-free, now a significant category in the UK, already had serious and established brands in operation. Udi's had an outstanding product range, able to buck the trend of any typical gluten free experience; and Truth needed to define this then trade on it.

Our brand campaign was underpinned by the proposition of being able to enjoy those foods you remember so well – without the compromise typically experienced across other brands. Underpinned by consumer research, the 'Taste Happiness' campaign was delivered through trade and consumer advertising, exhibition design and event management, PR, and social media campaigns. We further delivered category management branding for Tesco and brand photography.

Brand Refresh

Turning the frown upside down.



Brand Advertising


Udi's gained distribution through Tesco and Sainsbury's, with end-user engagement via Social Media.

Exhibition Design

Launch Activity