Strategy and insight defines your identity, both internally and externally, and dictates the messaging and actions you take to drive your business forward. Market insight should enhance your understanding of your brand position beyond your existing knowledge base.



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Market Research

Whether you're looking to test a brand proposition, to develop a new product, or to understand customer journeys; market research can provide grounded and commercially-focused insight. We work with specialist partners who provide both qualitative and quantitive research programmes.


Internal Research

Evaluating your brand internally is a great place to start when assessing the current identity. Internal insight gives you an objective overview of both team and perceived customer perspectives.

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Customer Profiling

Do you understand your customer? Their buying behaviours? Understanding your customer base and current brand interactions will provide a basis for defining customer behaviours and beliefs. We can then define the most relevant and meaningful way to communicate to them, whilst creating a solid Customer Value Proposition.


Customer Journey & Experience Mapping

Defining both business and user experience online brings insight and information to align the vision of your brand in a digital landscape. Creating digital personas articulates not only user understanding, but also builds empathy: their needs, goals, expectations, behaviours and pain points. Understanding product engagement informs design decision making.