Global Adventure Challenges

A challenge-led trip of a lifetime.

Global Adventure Challenges (GAC) organises hundreds of adventure challenges across the world for thrill-seeking groups and individuals who want to take part in a fundraising event for their chosen charity.


The business has evolved significantly since its inception in 2002 and its directors have ambitious growth objectives to extend its brand recognition, loyalty and customer acquisition strategy. The brand, however, had not been updated since the company was established and it did not reflect the current business status, nor its longer-term vision.

From rafting in the Zambezi river to trekking in the Alps, it offers a range of activities, destinations, level of difficulty and duration to provide a challenge-led trip of a lifetime, for those who are looking for adventure, whilst contributing to a worthy cause.

The business functions in an online environment, so the existing brand beyond the logo was incredibly limited, whilst the absence of a fully-formed brand proposition posed a lack of internal engagement.

It’s in this context that the business trajectory to focus on both charity-led challenges and corporate challenges required a brand beyond the logo with much better appeal aside from organic growth alone.



Truth’s remit was to develop a brand proposition aligned with the business vision through a series of key stakeholder workshops and output; giving rise to a fully-formed brand identity system synonymous with the core idea of ‘adventure at your side’. Including:


Logo-mark // Typography // Colour Palette // Imagery // Textures and Patterns // Tone of voice // Brand Guidelines // Application to digital formats // Website UX // Website UI // Web Development and bespoke CMS framework




GAC demanded a brand that was aligned to its growth objectives and would stand-out in a crowded marketplace. The business helps people realise their dreams and ambitions, changing their own and other people’s lives, but arguably the brand did not scale to the same heights – it had a corporate feel and yet it needed to connect with people.



The objectives of the project were to improve the brand experience and communicate its story in a compelling way. This was about creating a consistent online experience to drive equity and end-user value perceptions; avoiding the business being forced into trading on price commodity.







A dynamic future proofed brand that talks the same language and operates in the same manner as target audiences.


Bespoke build, tailored specifically to the client’s specification.


More functionality and fully editable website providing total client control.


A huge shift in the perceived quality of the business and its service in the eyes of the consumer.


Since our conception we had successfully operated with a tired, unreadable and incredibly difficult to reproduce logo which, as the years went by, didn’t reflect the services and quality events we delivered. We had no structure to our external image, we had no brand story to tell.

 Working with Truth has literally transformed our business into something we never thought imaginable. We have a brand! We have a story! It’s much more than a new logo, a new website and a new brand culture – it’s a new working lifestyle that is running deep in all we do.Our customers love being associated with the ‘new us’ and we’ve been complimented on numerous occasions which has been positively overwhelming.

Our new look and culture has not only re-engaged with our customers but also attracted a new audience. We have a newfound excitement running across every level of the business. Our employees and family are engaged with a brand which they love and are proud to represent.

— Peter Robinson - Global Adventure Challenges.