What should you look for when choosing a new agency?

A study found that 96% of clients believe that the creative agency market is "crowded and highly competitive". A Google search of “creative agencies UK” brings up 164,000,000 results alone! If this is the case and with so many companies vying for new work, how do clients decide on what agency to work with and what should clients look for when trying to create that successful agency relationship?

Here are a few things to think about before you make that all important decision!

#1 Problem Solvers.

Can the agency solve the big creative challenges that you’re facing? This isn’t just about creating something that looks great but can they answer the strategic issues that you have?


#2 Previous Work.

The quality of the agency’s work is obviously crucial in your decision. Firstly you have to love their creativity! Can you ask yourself: are they disruptive; do they challenge; are they a game changer and will they be able to create stand out?

However, it just doesn’t stop with the visual end-product. Are they able demonstrate commercial results and show the measurable impact they’ve achieved with previous clients? It goes back to the point above - you want to feel confident that your agency can understand your challenge and deliver the results you need.


#3 Collaborative.

Research has shown that a major client irritation is when an agency believe they know more about your sector than you do. Your agency should certainly understand your business but it should be a two-way process. Great output will come from working together collaboratively throughout the creative process.


#4 Chemistry.

Finally and arguably the most important factor is the client and agency relationship. Great chemistry is key in nurturing that long term relationship we all want. 45% of clients want to work with fewer agencies, so if the relationship works it should last!


So if you can find an agency with great strategic thinking, great creativity, the ability to listen (sounds a bit like Truth) and of course a bit of mutual love for one another you are on to a winner!

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Written by Jo Doughty –
Business Development Director, Truth Creative.

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