Lifecycle Marketing is probably most renowned for Emma’s Diary - the parenting club endorsed by the Royal College of General Practitioners and the Royal College of Midwives.

The business wanted to expand its reach beyond this and acquired two brands into its portfolio: Families (magazine) and Mums-in-the-know (web and social community groups).

Both brands operated on a hyper-local level and were more colloquial in conviction; however, Emma’s Diary is part of a large corporate and the need to integrate these brands whilst still enabling engagement beyond baby was the remit of our brief.

Both received a soft re-launch under the Families brand, however, we needed to deliver an evolved brand experience so as not to dilute the intimacy both businesses had enjoyed.

Brand Identity


Truth set out to visually improve the transition and unification from Emma’s to Families, without losing the personality at a granular level. Whilst Emma’s is early in motherhood, little socialising and a small group of fellow mum-friends; Families is organised and somewhat of a social butterfly…


Our solution was to retain certain elements of the current branding, and evolve them into a more rounded, all encompassing identity system, to create a stronger proposition.

Utilising elements of Emma's Diary created a softer transition between the two digital experiences.

Working closely with the in-house team we developed the brand to support evolution of all marketing channels both on and off-line.


“Truth pride themselves on ‘future proofing’, and they do this extremely well. Truth took our brief and considered it on both a tactical and strategic viewpoint. They were extremely collaborative and also mindful and respectful of the challenges and barriers we, like many companies, face. They guided us every step of the way.”

Louise Edwards, Lifecycle Marketing.



12 months since launch the Families brand has over half a million active social users and one million website visitors.