It's no secret, we love brands and what better day than today to share our own love stories. For some it's a short but passionate affair, for others it's a slow, smouldering romance, here are Team Truth's 2017 loves. Spread the love peeps.

Jo loves Netflix

It feels as though most people have a Netflix account nowadays. From its impressive selection of golden oldies, to original titles; when you consider the impetus that Netflix has achieved as part of our lifestyle in the UK, it's quite impressive. The brand not only works with intelligent algorithms, tailoring content to suit you, yours and even small people; it has created a brand vernacular that is commonplace within our modern day lives...

Streamed viewing is just what many of us now do. Netflix binge. Netflix and chill...

The brilliance of Netflix has developed a fundamental content strategy within its very own platform to wholly engage its audience base. A pretty impressive brand retention strategy. Simple, yet brilliant.

As a brand it connects its audience with stories, encourages curiosity, and enables you to explore; but that's all before you've actually viewed any content. How many of us settle on the sofa for an episode but simply can't stand the anticipation of the next one - so keep watching to four or five?!

But what I really love about Netflix is it's brand identity system. Smart businesses realise that a brand is so much more than a logo-mark; Netflix offers a plethora of different products but it has successfully unified the customer experience thematically and visually, so that as a brand it stays cohesive. Great branding works when as a consumer you don't need to see the logo to feel a connection with the brand.

Chris loves Google

For years Google appeared to the world as a WordArt experiment gone global, all be it with the world’s most creditable search engine software behind its multicoloured facade. We all respected google for what it was, but as the brand became more outwardly polished I started to respect Google for what it could be…Apple and Microsofts biggest headache. 

What first made me sit-up and take notice was a change in design ethos. Google now feels slick and personable, a modern tech-giant built on almost 20 years of reliability and as the company has started to diversify it has showcased how strong the foundation of this new design philosophy is. 

Recently we have seen the emergence of the Gsuite and the Pixel, both of which evince Google’s mission to challenge the biggest software/hardware companies of the 21st century. The Gsuite feels like a slick cloud based version of Microsoft’s Office, a package that has been the 'go-to’ both for personal and professional needs since the early days of Windows, while the Pixel boasts the highest rated smartphone camera and in its short life-span appears to be the first true challenger to the iPhone in a long time. 

Apple and Microsoft have sat in relative comfort for years, Google bring a level of competition and tech muscle-power to shake that perch. It will be fascinating to watch how all three companies strive to push their boundaries, and if indeed we will see dominant player.

Jordan loves Pokemon

If you're not into it, you just won't make sense of it but for a large amount of people in my generation Pokémon is full of childhood memories, either by playing the game on a gameboy (I still have mine) or trading & battling with the cards in school (which I also still have).

Throughout my 22 years on this earth I've collected and played every Pokemon game Nintendo have produced and it's safe to say the originals are still my absolute favourite. 

The story begins the same way in every game and it never seems to get old, your sent into the Pokemon world at the age of 10 with your first Pokemon given to you by a professor (Professor Oak, etc...) and you then start your first battle, from then on you take control of your own little world traveling from town to town asking people questions and working out how to complete the story all while finding, fighting and capturing Pokémon and gym badges along the way. 

Pokémon was so immensely special to me as a kid and I guess this is why I love it. No matter how much I might try to explain to someone how amazing it is as a game and as a piece of child focused fiction. 

I’m fully aware that if I hadn’t played the game nearly every day of my childhood life... I probably (like most of you) wouldn’t give a toss about it today. 

This year my love for the Pokemon has definitely been rekindled and this is because of Pokemon Go. I'd been anticipating the release of it for a long time and what made me love it even more wasn't that people of all ages were playing it, it was actually seeing people walking up and down streets looking for fictional animals that only appeared on their phones. I've even seen people running to catch a one. 


But, I guess you've 'Gotta catch'em All! 

Terry Loves Lego

I am now enjoying Lego for the second time in my life...with some considerable years in between the two. Only the other week, we were told that Lego was the worlds most powerful brand, not surprising with the toys strong appeal with both adults and kids, and as of this month the spin-offs with the Lego Batman movie.

I first enjoyed Lego as a kid, many years ago...then it was large green bases and pretty big bricks, where you could knock up a decent construction. Now I have been introduced to it again by my grandson, who can’t put it down. The pieces are now pretty small and intricate (often to be found down the side of the sofa cushions) and you can make some impressive things, usually a themed kit...with moving parts and accessories, which still all click together with ease, and with characters to go with it, including Batman and his comrades, make for endless hours of fun...all over again!

Fiona Loves Lush

When it comes to skincare, I tend to stick to the brands I know and love such as Neal’s Yard, Faith In Nature and Green People, ones that not only suit my skin but are ethically produced. LUSH may have been around for years on the high street but its products are a new addition to my bathroom cabinet.

Having previously avoided the bustling, multicoloured, perfumed shops synonymous with the 90s bath bomb craze, I found myself in a store last year, looking for an aluminium free deodorant and have been a convert ever since. My top three must haves are Dream Cream, Salted Coconut scrub and Ultrabland.

The LUSH values of creating products that are fun but effective, accessible for all and have a strong stance against animal testing permeates the whole brand experience. The store environment can be a bit full on for the LUSH novice but the warm, welcoming and knowledge staff makes every visit a real pleasure. Granted they certainly know how to get you to spend more, but I’ve loved every product recommended to suit my particularly need. The packaging might be a bit basic for some and lack a certain amount of shelf appeal for the average skincare snob, but I think it’s spot on for its no nonsense eco approach to providing great products that are cruelty free. The brand has bags of personality, from its engaging and cheeky tone of voice through to the illustration of who made your product on every pot. 

Joanne Loves Instagram

As an avid user of social media, I’ve become slightly bored of the constant “check-in” or “status” updates, I want to be inspired and not made to feel as if my life is a little dull in comparison. I wanted to find something different and once I found Instagram (although a little late) I fell head over heels in love. 

Instagram gives me a little bit of escapism and the ease of looking at beautifully captured images by total strangers has become relaxing and almost cathartic. I don’t know these people, they don’t need to know me and there’s no pressure of having to “like” their post - I can just enjoy their photo. A simple, well taken photo can say so much more than 140 characters and I can take it all in, in an instant!

Instagram gives me that daily inspiration to be creative and maybe a little bit daring. I would even go to say that it has even given me the confidence to try things that I probably wouldn’t have before! From the colour of my walls (Farrow and Ball, Hague Blue), the Zara rose gold biker jacket (which to be honest I will probably never wear!) my fabulous Michael Jackson inspired boots and to our summer holiday in Naxos, Instagram has certainly enriched my life. 

Instagram has made me look at things in a different way and I now try and find something beautiful in most everything I see, even on the most depressing, rainy Manchester days!

Jaselyn Loves Pinterest

I have a secret.

Slipping inside a cosy, candle-lit room with a glass of wine in hand, I get ready to indulge in a secret love affair… with Pinterest. The visual mood board has become my go-to site for just about everything – after all, excessive pinning inspired my candle-lit living room décor!

Spread across 10 carefully labelled boards are thousands of hairstyles I’ll never try, clothes I’ll never buy, home DIY I’ll never attempt and make-up looks only Kim Kardashian could master. I’m obsessed. But, I’m willing to bet I’m not the only one.

Whilst Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networks, it’s argued that Pinterest isn’t a social network at all. Think about it, when have you ever ‘socialised’ via Pinterest? It’s an online shopping portal masquerading as a social hub. Spot an outfit on a celeb? Related pins will help you find it! In fact, summer 2016 saw the introduction of buyable pins to select US retailers; meaning users could purchase multiple items from various retailers without ever leaving the platform. So, to make a long story short, Pinterest is ‘Shopaholics Anonymous’ and yes, I am a member. 

Sophie Loves Disney

Even at the old age of 22 I still get excited about anything to do with Disney, and I know that I’m not the only one who does.

Disney is a brand that has touched most people’s hearts, no matter what your age it’s hard not to feel some sort of connection to a Disney film or one of the Disney characters that have been there as we grow old.

Born almost 100 years ago, in a small office by two brothers who created the animation we know and love as Mickey Mouse, the brand has transformed into a world wide phenomenon.

The brand, which ignites everyone's imagination, has also created a world where in fact dreams do come true. Disneyland is labelled ‘The Happiest Place On Earth’ and if you’ve ever been lucky enough to visit you can truly see that customer service and creating happiness is at the forefront of Disney’s mind.

Disney is an inspiration to all, it shows that you should dream big and reach for the stars.

And as Walt Disney would say himself: “If you can dream it, you can do it.” And that’s why I love Disney. 

Lucy Loves Youtube

Whether you’re looking for new music, inspirational talks or funny animal videos you can always find what you need on YouTube. As one of the most popular video sharing websites across the world, YouTube has allowed people to have their own voice for over ten years and has even propelled some careers.

You may say that all social media platforms allow people to have their say, but for me I believe YouTube does it best, as sometimes it’s easier to express how you’re feeling or what you want to say out loud rather than writing it down.

What I love about Youtube is that despite being a Google company, it has managed to keep it’s own identity as a stand alone brand. It has created singers, dancers and vloggers who have gone on to become huge influencers in the social media and advertising markets. I love that you can lose track of time watching video after video and how it can bring people together with just six simple words: “Have you seen that YouTube video?” .


What brand has caught your eye this year, let us know?