Warren James

Lovingly rebranding one of the UK's best loved retailers.

Warren James is the UK's largest independently owned jewellery chain with over 3 million customers a year. It prides itself on delivering genuine jewellery at affordable prices.

Tasked by Warren James with injecting more personality into the brand and its digital engagement to drive online sales, whilst creating points of interest beyond discounted prices, Truth took on the challenge of creating an ownable campaign that breaks away from the perceived ‘budget brand’, with a vision of driving traffic to the website.


Brand Identity

Digital & Social


What we did:

– Brand Strategy.

– Brand Identity.

– Digital Outreach.

– Content Strategy.

– Film.

– Animation.

– Creative Campaigns.

– Web Design.

– Advertising.

How we did it:

Truth engaged with key directors and stakeholders, conducting a brand workshop and ensuring the vision for the brand was wholly embraced.

We delivered a balance between tactical product offers versus brand-led content, with a strong proposition, to shift perception in the consumer landscape.



Brand Launch Film