Salford Business School

Making the difference for SBS

Truth was appointed to deliver the SBS brand; ensuring a distinctive and alternative proposition from its regional counterpart MBS, whilst delivering a suite of touchpoints throughout the decision making journey to ensure: consistency of brand experience, visual engagement to enable a wider audience reach, and alignment to the new positioning with the School’s brand mission; centered on worldwide business transformation and entrepreneurial opportunity.

Truth’s concepts focused on the core reason entrepreneurs are motivated to study higher education. They want to stand out, and gain an edge, with the ultimate goal of achieving a higher role. To execute this we created a unique language style, which challenges potential students to be better than the rest, to be the difference, and Salford is where transformation begins. 



The language style created is energetic, direct and inspiring inviting the audience to assess their education and values. 

2014 saw Salford Business School achieve the Times Higher Education Award for Business School of the Year.


Salford Business School Photography