PZ Cussons

Driving brand engagement, business growth and global awareness. 

PZ Cussons isn't your average FMCG – as an organisation its global reach ensued great flexibility.

Truth embarked on a strategic model to truly understand perceptions of the corporate brand both internally and externally through research and insight; whilst discovering and defining the nuances and culture that sets this global brand apart.

Engaging stakeholders and consumer brand teams, Truth understood the required objective to deliver a corporate rebrand with enough flexibility to embrace local diversity, whilst defining the strategic brand proposition to enable consistency world-wide.


Global Corporate Branding


Our solution saw the creation of a PZ Cussons Eco-System; ensuring the relationship-centric values and broad knowledge base would be brought to life through a unique brand experience.

The business vision to drive ambition to FTSE100 listing, was fully supported by the corporate re-brand in creating corporate recognition behind some of the best loved brands including: Original Source, Imperial Leather, Mum & Me, and St. Tropez.

Truth delivered for re-launch application to a new global website; tone of voice; global photography shot on location in the UK, Nigeria and Thailand; Corporate Guidelines; Internal Comms, Corporate Literature and Motion Graphic work.


"One thing that stood out from day one was the importance of the people to the culture of the business. We needed to bring the people and their achievements to the forefront of the brand."

Darren Scott – Founder, Truth.

Global Photography 


Global Websites