5 Top Tips for Making a Customer Experience Even Better.

In the age of digital marketing and social media fragmentation (that’s a coined phrase from media fragmentation in the late 90s when we went to full-on satellite buying, but arguable this is now the case with social media engagement…) how can you improve a customer experience beyond digital outreach?

#1 Look beyond social, but don't discount it.

Social media outreach is fabulous. It allows you to tell your brand story online, enables end-user conversations and keeps you front of mind. Sometimes… And that there is the crux of social. Digital engagement should be an integral part of your brand and its strategy - but how do you keep followers engaging with your content? Yes - you can improve algorithm through tactical advertising and incentivised content - amongst a whole host of other tactics but it’s important to consider other facets of brand activity that complement and integrate with your social strategy.


#2 Consider curated content across other touchpoints.

What do you do with social content after it’s posted? Remember that social conversations can be used across other outreach tools. If you plan your social content well, you can repurpose that insight and engage with your loyal followers through e-marketing. No, it’s not dead. Anything but. Customised, curated, monthly digests can help cement your following and ensure consumers are served relevant conversations they might well have missed on Facebook...


#3 Create an activity club.

This can be equally offline as much as online. Granular offline engagement can serve excellent social content but also engage your brand advocates in a personal and familiar fashion. This can be particularly useful if you’re looking to attract a different audience. Discover how we implemented this and attracted a younger audience footfall in Wyevale Garden Centres (grey pound was the core audience prior to creating the Little Diggers brand). Local events and club activities can work in an offline environment whilst generating engagement and user-generated content within a social media arena.


#4 Get loyal.

Create a membership programme. It might sound a little old school - but no, it’s actually a great way to test NPD, generate customer loyalty, and implement an affiliate programme with like-minded brands (that you can also piggyback in terms of data). This can take form in e-marketing and CRM activity as well as offline promotion on pack in a retail setting. What’s more with a base-line following you can easily recruit membership from social following by incentivising sign up.


#5 Dark social.

With a community of brand advocates on your side, you can really start to harness digital referrals and web traffic effectively. Whilst messenger referrals can be largely untraceable and lumped together with general traffic to your website, if you have a membership of followers and they are recruited to test NPD or provide insight - you’ll likely be quids in.  Imagine this - if a friend, or your better half shares a link with you on WhatsApp or Snapchat, you’re more likely to look. More likely to consider purchasing and even more likely to spread positive word-of-mouth.



Written by Jo Scott 
Managing Partner, Truth Creative.

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