Kids Allowed:
Your Day, Your Way

Our ‘Your Day, Your Way’ social media campaign for nursery provider, Kids Allowed, invited parents to tell us why they would like their child to benefit from Kids Allowed’s range of services - for a chance to win free childcare for a whole year at its Knutsford nursery.  



It is widely accepted that childcare is a huge expense for working parents so we knew the prospect of a free nursery place would be a massive incentive for parents to engage with Kids Allowed.

The competition was launched to support a new flexible payment plan at Kids Allowed’s nursery in Knutsford and to promote the unique customer experience and pedigogy offered by the nursery. It also aimed to enhance the brand’s social media presence and increase customer and non-customer engagement.



Both new and existing Kids Allowed nursery users were encouraged to enter the competition. We also partnered with a series of leading Knutsford restaurants to offer three lucky entrants a free meal for two and an evening’s babysitting from Kids Allowed - this also enabled us to spread the reach of the competition on social media.

All applicants also received a voucher containing a special offer such as free room hire for a children’s birthday party.

The Results

The campaign achieved:



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