Revolucion De Cuba

Re-launch of a (Cuban) Revolucion.

Truth had already enjoyed an established working relationship with Inventive Leisure on a number of Revolution-based projects. It was on this basis that Truth was tasked with evolving the Cuban-inspired sister brand, Revolucion de Cuba. Ultimately, we needed to give the Cuban counter-part its own identity outside of Revolution and attract a more 'grown-up' consumer base across the estate.

In celebrating the heyday of Havana and the eclectic nature of Cuba, Truth developed a suite of brand assets to support the experience of Cuban culture. We created a montage of imagery indicative of the experience, ensuring a distinctive visual language.

Truth delivered the Manchester launch through customer literature, PR coverage and brand assets; enabling a sell out launch event and continued success on national roll-out.

Launch Branding


"We tried to capture the spirit of Cuba and it’s culture by creating a real sense of authenticity. Everyone gets wanderlust when they go in there, so it worked."

Darren Scott – Founder, Truth.


Branded Literature