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“A PR agency called Truth, that’s an oxymoron isn’t it?”

I get asked this question A LOT. And courtesy calls for me to nod and laugh politely but the truth is (there’s that word again) it perfectly represents everything we stand for and have since our inception. 

We don’t believe in fobbing off clients with marketing jargon and hyperbole, nor do we attempt to bedazzle our clients with services that are undeliverable and results that are unachievable. 


We have built our success over the past 5 years on straight-talking transparency and doing exactly what we said we would do. If it can’t be done, we say at the outset.

If there is a better alternative to what you think you need, we make our case. Even if that better alternative is doing nothing at all. 


We won’t just take your money and run. We’re in it for the long-term and we’d rather do the right thing for your brand and hope that maybe you’ll think of us again the next time you need some PR assistance. 

There are also times when our strategic and meticulously planned campaigns and activities don’t work out as we expected them to, despite our best efforts. Sometimes, the universe just has other ideas and unfortunately in the big wide world of PR, there are factors beyond our control that can affect the results we were aiming for. But if we are going off course, we make it known, along with a clear explanation as to why and most importantly, what we’re going to do to fix it. 

There are even, dare I say it, rare occasions when we make mistakes. (Ha! You weren’t expecting me to say that were you?) But the thing is, the human race is flawed and whilst we have numerous agency systems and processes in place to prevent errors, the odd oversight can slip through. Any agency that tells you otherwise is being dishonest.

I’m pleased and relieved to say that mistakes happen very infrequently here at Truth HQ (thanks in no small part to my merry team of perfectionists) but they do still happen and when it does, we own up. We spill the beans. We don’t hide behind excuses or suddenly become unavailable. We come to you with our hands up, apologise and sort it out.  

This level of honesty isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Some need a little sugar in their coffee. (Hot drink anyone?) We’re outspoken and we don’t mince our words because we think in this busy, technology-fuelled age, time is precious. We’d rather not waste your time or ours when we could spend that time providing services or solutions that will add value to your bottom line. 

It’s all just good customer service as far as I’m concerned and the reason why our clients stick with us. They come to us for our PR expertise and strategic creativity and they stay with us because they know they won’t get this level of service from anybody else. 

And that’s the truth. 





Written by Lisa French
Managing Partner – Truth PR