My 10 Years of Truth. Passion, Love and Relentless Tenacity...


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#1 The Idea.

It’s the summer of 2005 and I return from a girly weekend in Madrid to my husband and soon-to-be founder of Truth. I’ve been happily working in client services, learning my craft at McCann Erickson before a two-year stint at what became Gyro International. Darren is currently senior designer and head of typography at McCann Erickson. He’s at the top of his game and respected industry-wide.

As I put down my case and plonk on the couch he tells me that he’s leaving McCann, where he’s been for the past 10 years… going to freelance for 12 months and then set up his own agency. That’s a lot of information in five minutes when you’ve just arrived home – but his passion for what he’s about to do is unshakeable, and in August 2006 Truth is born.

#2 Reebok UK.

I can whole-heartedly state that 2008 was a critical turning point for Truth, both commercially and creatively. A long-standing friend and photographer, Jon Shard had referred us. We won the brief to deliver branding and associated visual identity for Reebok’s sporting asset, Amir Khan (Amir is still using our logomark to this day). Working with Reebok would last until 2015… and my love for the brand still remains to this day.

Reebok is in my top 10 for hundreds of reasons, but the photography shoot with Amir Khan, whilst Darren and I were 10-weeks into expecting our first child, was probably one of the greatest moments (aside from feeling as sick as a dog). It launched our little business into a respected agency creating global branding.

#3 Versus Cancer ‘09.

Our second year running supporting this amazing charity founded by Andy Rourke (ex-Smiths) and Nova Reman (ex-tour manager to Ian Brown, to name just one). The visibility we received from VC was again phenomenal, leading onto numerous in-bound new business opportunities.

The 2009 campaign sticks in my memory the most. Cue Darren sending me a text message watching Noel Gallagher’s full set rehearsal, whilst sat next to non other than Paul Weller. You couldn’t script it.

#4 Lisa and Fi.

What started as a casual conversation over lunch in 2010 with my ex-colleague and friend at Pret-a-Manger with Lisa Margis (not yet French), ended up being what is now one of my proudest moments in Truth’s history.

A frantic phone call from France (there’s a lot of French references here, which is complete coincidence!) brought Lisa and Fiona into the Truth family as partners and directors of what has become an incredibly successful PR and Digital Outreach operation.

I’m proud to call them my partners, my allies and my close friends.

#5 The Unexpected Call.

One referral Darren and myself never expected arrived in 2011. I remember his face of disbelief when he came to tell me that ITV had just called with a brief out of the blue.

The call turned out to be an identity brief that would showcase the on screen brand of Coronation Street, off-screen for commercial opportunity. Those kinds of calls don’t happen too often!

#6 NYC – Baby!

Having worked with UK parenting brand Bounty for a number of years, the business decided to look at international markets to grow its commercial opportunity. In 2012 their parent company, Treehouse Group, invested in a bedside baby photography business know as Mom365.

I joined the UK marketing team in 2012 on a trip to New York, culminating in one of the most memorable strategic proposition and branding presentations I’ve ever given.  I don’t think anyone since has given me a round of applause when I finished the presentation…. I LOVE New York!

#7 The Big One.

I remember quite clearly sitting in the PZ Cussons reception with Darren in 2012, waiting to go in and pitch our thoughts on their global corporate identity. It felt huge for Truth, but we knew our strategy and brand creativity was solid.

We were pitching against the big boys and we didn’t think we’d win for a second. But we did – and we continue to work with the business to this day, it’s an organisation we’re both incredibly passionate about.

#8 2014 Transform Awards.

We’ve never been an agency for entering awards, Darren’s cabinet is pretty full so our reward comes from seeing brands grow and happy clients.

So when we transformed both corporate and operational brands for GC Aesthetics and our client wanted to enter, we were thrilled to win!

#9 Robinsons’ Internal Launch.

Having developed the corporate identity for Robinsons Brewery and re-invigorating the 176 year old brand, we were invited to launch it to the entire business in December 2014.

As Darren and I stood in front of the board, management and employees to reveal the new identity, we were met with gasps, silence, then laughter and smiles. It was a proud moment I’ll never forget.

# 10 Top Three.

Three weeks before our agency turns 10, I travel to London to the annual event hosted by the Drum – the UK’s Independent Agency Census. I’m thrilled to discover that Truth is voted by its clients and the Drum as not only an elite agency, but in the top three UK agencies. Wow.

It’s at this moment that watching my business partner and husband realise his dream, being by his side to create this fantastic agency, and seeing how far we’ve come, that I don’t think I could be any prouder.


Written by

Jo Scott,
Managing Partner.