Go Play, Go Record, Go Share.


GoPro is the top of the range market leader in action cameras, it frees people to celebrate the moment and inspires others to do the same.

The GoPro name was acquired by Nick Woodman's desire for a camera system that could capture the professional angles, but we feel its brandmark is a tad lacklustre. The brandmark has retained its look and feel throughout its lifespan and lacks the look and feel of an established action camera brand.

What we did...

Our refresh cleans up the current brandmark that includes a simple camera/recording symbol that captures the essence of a GoPro. The end 'O' sits as a devise to simply capture life as you live it and share the experience.


60min Makeovers is an internal Truth project where we take a popular brand and refresh it in under an hour. It is just for fun and is undertaken with no insight or knowledge of the brand's future strategy. It is purely cosmetic and for our own pleasure.