TEAM’s Ten Project

Soup Poster by Paula Scher - Pentagram NYC

To celebrate their tenth anniversary TEAM Impression in Leeds (one of Truth’s favourite printers) have embarked on an exciting year long project, ‘Ten’. For ten months TEAM’s
e-bulletins will feature articles and accompanying posters which are the result of collaborations between some of the world’s most prestigious names in graphic design; Domenic Lippa, Paula Scher, Hamish Muir, Vince Frost, Eric Spiekermann, Ken Garland, Bryan Edmondson, Adrian Shaughnessy and Truth’s very own Darren Scott.

What is Ten all about?

In her essay in Team’s book of last year, Process is Form, Caroline Roberts explored the designer’s relationship with print processes; the obsessive attention to detail and the ‘almost fetishistic’ appreciation of printed work, techniques and equipment.

For Team, it was the start of a fascinating dialogue, an opportunity to explore the true impact and meaning of the processes we use and a chance to explore our own craft origins and ethos. And, as 2011 will be Team’s tenth anniversary year, we have a further incentive to look back and reflect.

In this dialogue, the word ‘process’ itself merits some scrutiny, deriving as it does from the old French procesmeaning journey, which in turn was derived from the Latinprocessus (to advance, go forward). In looking back, we are looking at how we approach the future, in looking at the value of our processes we are looking at how we proceed.

The next step on this particular ‘journey’ for Team is the Ten project. The baton of this narrative is now in the hands of ten experts (and their expert collaborators) who, for the next ten months will provide an essay and an image to explore this topic and the vital elements of teamwork and collaboration. It could be argued that the reason that print processes hold so much appeal for designers is that they represent teamwork and collaboration at such a close, deep and intimate level. What is closer, more collaborative, than a printer and his or her press, ink on paper or foil and a dye? Roberts touched on the importance of this in her essay; ‘The word collaboration is bandied around with almost alarming regularity, but when it’s successful, the results can be stunning.’

Steve Fisher, Team Impression.

The Prince’s Trust ‘Team Programme’

For each of the ten articles commissioned, Team will be donating £500 to The Prince’s Trust ‘Team Programme’, helping young unemployed people.

Additionally, all proceeds from the sale of the posters will be donated to The Prince’s Trust. In November, all ten articles and artwork will be available in a beautifully produced limited edition book, all proceeds again going to The Prince’s Trust.

How to purchase a poster

A strictly limited edition of 100 A2 posters of each of the ten collaborators artwork, beautifully printed by Team and individually numbered, will be available soon via the this website. The first 25 copies of Paula Scher’s ‘Soup’ poster can be reserved at a special reduced pre-order price of £25.00 plus free P&P (UK only) by emailing Steve Fisher.

All proceeds will go to The Prince’s Trust ‘Team Programme’.

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